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Welcome to Granite Sky


Welcome to Granite Sky Services   Granite Sky Services is proud to serve the Granite State and the surrounding New England area with rock solid support services. There are many aspects to Ufology, and the experiencer is too often overlooked. 

Here at Granite Sky our focus is on people, not proof.   

Encounter and Abduction Support   Granite Sky Services focuses on supporting those who have had extraterrestrial encounters and abduction experiences. We believe no one should have to face these experiences alone.

The Granite State has a fascinating history, one that Unidentified Flying Objects have been a long standing part of. Aside from supporting those currently experiencing extraterrestrial encounters, we strive to keep New Hampshire’s UFO History alive and well too. 

Special Thanks


This website is funded by the generosity of Experiencers who have found help and continue to support other Experiencers. Special Thanks to Jon and Phyllis Ring for both their emotional and financial support .  Ken Owens, and to the Think Free or Die Podcast  for their tremendous Support. We couldn’t do it without them.