Famous New Hampshire Sightings


New Hampshire is home to some famous UFO activity. The Betty and Barney Hill sighting in 1961 and the Norman Muscarello sighting in 1965. Reporting sightings helps not only researchers, but those who have had sightings themselves. Please report your sightings.

Report a Sighting

Download our Sighting Report Form to file a report with Granite Sky. Please fill out as much information as possible. Completed forms can be emailed to GraniteSkyServices@gmail.com or mailed to....

Granite Sky Services

81 Portsmouth Ave #5

Stratham, NH


Granite Sky Sighting Report Blanks (pdf)


Sightings Outside of New England


The National UFO Reporting Center

Granite Sky fully encourages making a report when a sighting occurs. We are limited by location, but recommend reporting sightings outside of the New England Area to the National UFO Reporting Center at http://www.nuforc.org/