Our Past


Skeletons in the Closet

The road to forming Granite Sky has been an adventure to say the least. In the early Spring of 2008, our Founder decided to start a campaign to have a New Hampshire State Historical Marker erected for the Betty and Barney Hill Incident. In an effort to find support for the Marker campaign, he found a local Paranormal Group online and joined. After joining he began investigating with the group, earning the status of lead investigator before the core team broke away to form the Kitt Research Initiative. The SPRG still functions as a social network for those interested in the Paranormal.


Moving Forward

The KRI investigation team was more progressive than the old SPRG, and was looking to broaden its curiosity past ghosts and spirits. With that progression, came the KRI-Center for Consciousness Studies. The Center provided a platform to discuss aspects of Ufology, and a place to gather. Shortly after, Social Saucers was created by our Founder. Social Saucers remains one of the best attended events at the Center, and was the catalyst for creating Seacoast Saucers of New England.


You Are Not Alone

Seacoast Saucers of New England was formed to offer support to experiencers while tackling the social stigma surrounding Ufology as a whole. Seacoast Saucers expanded its groups and events and became a local juggernaut in the UFO Community. With its efforts so wide spread across the variety of aspects involved in Ufology it was time to once again break away from the old and start new. Keeping the focus on what is really important. The People dealing with the experiences, and Granite Sky was created to do so. We wish all the past groups that have led to the formation of Granite Sky the best of luck; knowingly or not they have all helped shape it.