Our Mission

It's about people...


Our mission at Granite Sky Services is simple; To provide rock solid support to any and all experiencers of extraterrestrial encounters, contact, and abduction. We believe it’s about people, not proof. The truth is not reliant on proof. A burden of proof should not be required to find relief and support from these difficult and traumatic experiences. Our purpose is not to prove or disprove anyone’s experiences or perception of their experiences. We understand these experiences can be truly traumatic. This can lead to the mind blocking out large portions of recall of the experience as a self safety mechanism, often times blocking out the entire experience. It would also seem there is frequently an external forced amnesia surrounding these experiences as well. The combination of these factors can leave the experiencer with very little memory of what actually took place, making finding proof seemingly impossible. Absence of proof does not mean the experience wasn’t real and that the experiencer should not be supported. We’ve also come to realize the number of non-physical interactions in these experiences is on the rise. These experiences are highly subjective and non-provable. The narrative for a “standard” encounter has been slowly pushed by researchers for years. This has left many without support, as their experiences didn’t fit into the  narrative. It's time to change the narrative, and let all experiencers begin to heal. Granite Sky Services will always value people’s well being above proof.

  “There is nothing so powerful as truth - and often nothing so strange.”     Daniel Webster