Exeter👽Terrestrial Series

Exeter-Terrestrial TV


Watch us on Exeter TV. Join our founder Mike Stevens, along with Valerie Lofaso, and Andy Kitt as they explore the realms of the unknown by interviewing local experts in the fields of Ufology, Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. 

On the Trail of UFOs

Coming in 2020


We were happy to share some of New Hampshire‘s UFO history with the crew of Small Town Monsters for their latest series “On the Trail of UFOs”. Small Town Monsters has done tremendous work telling the tales of America‘s oddities, one small town at a time. Stay up to date on this project at www.smalltownmonsters.com


2019 Appearances

The Paradigm Matrix


Join our founder Mike Stevens along with Nomar Slevik as they talk with host Willy Miranda about the Otherworldly Amor documentary premiere.

2019 Appearances

Into the Fire


Join our founder has he talks with hosts and fellow experiencers Barry Gaunt and Eric Mitchell on this episode of “Into the Fire”

Spirit Radio


Our founder Mike Stevens, cohosts Spirit Radio with Willy Hassell. Listen as the speak with Empathic Medium Valerie Lofaso. 

The Intuitive Body & Soul


Our founder Mike Stevens chats with hosts Joan and Debbie for a great edition of TIBS on the Tube.

2019 Appearances

The Ghostly Hour


Join our founder Mike Stevens and host David Cook for an hour of great conversation.

The Paradigm Matrix


Listen to our founder Mike Stevens, along with other great panelists from a live show from the New England Parafest.

Essex County Ghost Project


Our founder joins the 10 year anniversary show, with many other great guests.

2018 Appearances

The Paradigm Matrix


Listen as we  (Mike Stevens & Kristen Cappucci) chat with host Willy Miranda about all things Spirits and Spaceships.

The Haunted Chronicles

Join founder Mike Stevens as he talks about his experiences and more with hosts Jimmy and Jennifer

Join founder Mike Stevens as he talks about his experiences with host Jimmy and Jennifer .

Monsterland Podcast


Join our founder as he ventures into Monsterland with hosts Ronny and Matty.

2018 Appearances

The Ghostly Hour


Interview with David Cook on The Ghostly Hour along with co-guest Kristen Cappucci 

Exposing the Paranormal


After an amazing weekend at the Exeter UFO Festival, we sat down for an impromptu interview with Shane. The result was incredible.

Intuitive Body & Soul


Appearance on the Intuitive Body and Soul.

2018 Media Appearances

New England Parafest 2018


Seacoast Online article on the 2018 New England Parafest

Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno


Panel discussion from the 2018 Saucer Symposium hosted by Granite Sky.

Essex County Ghost Project -TV


Our founder and Psychic Medium Kristen  Cappucci sit down for a talk with host Tom Spitalere.

2017/2018 Media Appearances

Japanese UFO Talk

Japanese UFO Talk

Brief interview translated for a Japanese speaking audience.

Task Force Gryphon


Interview with Commander Cobra on KGRA

The Paradigm Matrix


Great Interview with host Willy Miranda on KCOR Radio

Media Appearances 2017

Edge of Reality TV


Great interview with hosts Willy Hassell and Lynne Nickerson

Daily Humanity


Interview with hosts Jill and Drew on WSCA 106.1FM

Essex County Ghost Project


Annual Live Halloween Special

2017 Media Appearances

Seacoast Online- Exeter UFO Festival


Lecture at Exeter UFO Festival


One of my last appearances with Seacoast Saucers.

Global Newsmaker Focus


Interview on KGRA's Global Newmaker Focus